For digital assignment #9 in FYS, we were assigned to create an infographic on a topic of choice.  I focused on the main topic of my final paper: internet privacy and data breaches.  In the infographic, I discussed some of the methods people and companies use to prevent data breaches.  What is an infographic?  The basic definition is a visual representation of information and data.  These pages often include charts, diagrams, and images to present data.  Presenting data isn’t the only function of an infographic.  Infographics are meant to tell a story and make you think deeper about a topic.  I created an infographic using piktochart.com.  While there are some premium features, most of the tools are free and simple to use.  There are various kinds of charts, images, and other media that can be created or imported externally on the software.  This is not the first time I have used PIktochart.  I would definitely recommend this software to anybody who needs to create a visual.

Click HERE to view my infographic on how to protect your data!

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