How Can We Protect Our Online Privacy?

In this article found on, the author identifies the various issues that are taking place in regards to our internet privacy, as well as the internet service provider (ISP) we choose.  ISPs are exploiting our personal information, saving data without giving notice and selling that information to companies to make a profit.  Our elected official have failed this idea as “by a vote of 215 to 205 a slim majority of the House of Representatives have decided to give our personal information to an already highly profitable cable and telephone industry so that they can increase their profits with our data“.  While we are still at great risk of our information being compromised, this article outlines several steps we can take in protecting ourselves from data encryption including choosing more reliable ISPs, only using secured websites (HTTPS://), and using VPNs (Virtual Private Networks).


In this second article from, the author informs us that Verizon is trying to influence the FCC and change their regulations on internet privacy laws.  Verizon is arguing that FCC state laws regulating internet privacy should be overturned.  They are arguing that is is hard for companies to navigate around varying state laws; however, the laws were uniform until large Telecom companies (such as Verizon) had the FCC strike down these federal laws.  Ajit Pai, Chairman of the FCC responded saying that the FCC cannot use federal intervention to interfere with state laws.  State laws were designed to protect our privacy and it is unfortunate that Broadband internet cannot comply with the privacy of individuals on the internet.

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