Student Domains

“The Web We Need to Give Students” was an interesting article on students digital identity and the choice of some schools to give students their own blog (which they can keep after graduation).  There are many reasons why is is beneficial for the students to have their own digital identity.  The students will be able to share their identities with the world while gaining basic computer skills most lacked.  “It puts them in a much better position to control their work, their data, their identity online.”  This article shows little negativity towards the concept of students owning a website, other than small privacy issues.

In the second article, “Do I Own My Domain If You Grade It?”, the author discusses how student websites are being used for technology and how the school controls the content, not the students, as well as the negative aspects of student blogging through a school.  A student blog being used through a school or institution still takes away the students ability to truly express themselves because they are writing to please a specific audience instead of expressing their thought freely.  “If students still see their audience as a teacher with a red pen, then nothing changes.”  Students need to realize that they are responsible for the work they publish online and need to own it as their own and not attempt to fit a certain mold that a teacher may want them to fill.  I believe that it is important for students to have their own digital identity and to use modern technology to their advantage and put themselves and their ideas out there for the world to see.  It is important to learn about digital media since media is constantly evolving and we are currently in a digital revolution.

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