Writing Tools That Can Enhance Your Assignments

In this post, I will be digging into two of the most useful applications you will ever install on your computer: Grammarly and Hemmingway Editor.


Grammarly’s installation was a swift process and within 30 seconds, it was already downloaded to my browser.  While there are some features that require a premium account, this application is compatible with various browsers and computer add-ons (including Microsoft Office).  When you type a word or phrase into your document (after installation), any detected spelling or grammatical mistakes are underlined with various colors to inform the user of the type of error made.  The program provides suggestions to fix their error and leads to a well-rounded paper with fewer mistakes.  I would love to see Grammarly extend its compatibility to more functions to continue its process of improving the writing of people across the globe.

The second resource I will be reviewing is Hemmingway Editor.  You can view the webpage by clicking here!  Hemminway is slightly different from Grammarly.  While Hemmingway provides a red underline to identify spelling mistakes, it offers fewer corrections.  One thing that Hemmingway does that separates it from other programs is that it breaks down your writing more in-depth.  The program shows where you use adverbs, passive voice, and highlights passages that are difficult to read.  The program breaks down the reading level and how to make your writing flow better. The one negative aspect of this program is that you must type into their browser, as opposed to typing an email or Word document, unless you purchase the full web app for 19.99.  I feel that continuous use of both these editors will make me a better writer over time.

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